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Updated 4/3/2020 - 5:30pm

Hey everyone, just wanted to send out an update. As of a couple hours ago Governor Holcolmb extended the state wide shutdown another two weeks. That means we will be shut down for an additional 2 weeks as well.  We're trying to make sense of all the stimulus stuff they are throwing around but its a little bit like the wild west when it comes to that stuff right now. I predicted it would probably be the month of April and at this point I'm hoping that is the worst case scenario. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Stay safe and healthy everyone , wish I had better news.

I'll keep everyone up to date as I learn more.


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Updated 3/30/2020 - 11:30am

This page will be a resource for us to update all Cross employees on what is going on with the company during the COVID-19 situation.

Employees, please join the employee only Facebook group “Cross Trailers Employees” for more regular updates.

Disclaimer:  I'm doing my best to navigate the ever changing landscape of the current situation, that said a lot of this information is changing rapidly so we will keep you as best informed as we can but the below items can change or may be different for each person.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me either through Facebook messenger or email and I'll do my best to answer questions or help in any way I can.

Information on the shutdown:

As of right now we are shut down until at least April 7th due to the state mandated “Stay at Home” order.  It is our hope to get back to work as close to that time as possible.  However, as of right now at least 75% of our dealer network is shut down due to similar orders from their state governments.  We are keeping a watch on this and talking to dealers regularly to make sure we are back in business as soon as possible.

Emergency Sick Leave Act update:

As we suspected, this bill is available to all employees, however, the state "Stay at home" order does not qualify all employees for this benefit during the shutdown.  However, when we get back to work, if you get sick and suspect it is COVID-19, the company will now be able to extend you up to two weeks sick pay.  We will have more information posted here at the shop when we get back to work.

Coronavirus Relief Bill (The CARES Act):

The Cares Act was passed and signed into law last week.  We are trying to gather what information we can but here is a summary of what we know.  

This obviously could change at any time.  Here is an article from the NY times summarizing the bill:

Stimulus Payments:

Most adults will get $1,200, although some would get less. For every qualifying child age 16 or under, the payment will be an additional $500.  There are some limits on this, please see the above article for more information.

According to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin they are trying to get this into peoples hands in the next three weeks.  If you used direct deposit to get your tax return back they will use that account to wire you the money.  They are supposed to be creating a website where you can go to give them direct deposit information to get the payment faster, I'll add that link here when they post it.

More info here:

Unemployment Benefits:

The CARES Act extends the state unemployment program, adding up to an additional $600 per week to you state unemployment benefit.  Currently Indiana caps that benefit at $390 per week.  The additional payments will be based on tax returns filed in 2018 or 2019 whichever the newest they have on record is.  

It looks like from the page below the one week waiting period will be waved, all the way back to March 8th so you should be getting benefit for all days missed due to the shutdown.  

What we don't know today is when this additional benefit will start or exactly how it will be paid.  As I find out more I will update that info here. 

Information from

In Closing:

We hope you all use your time wisely, stay safe and healthy and we hope to see everyone back here to work as soon as possible.                                   

Thank You,

Dustin Miller

President - Cross Trailers

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