The Aegis System

Our research and development team created this innovative and proprietary system to improve
upon the typical wall and roof system used in the market today.

Non-Aegis System


Aegis System


Cause and Effect

Why The Aegis System?

Typical screwless walls have issues with ripples and seams popping due to metal expansion as the exterior metal heats up and/or the trailer flexes during heavy use.  Even single piece aluminum roofs will flex and flap as they age, and everyone relies upon caulking products to keep the water out which tends fail.  These issues are rarely covered under warranty and could cost you, out of your pocket, to repair.

The Aegis System is the solution.

The Aegis system is a revolutionary mounting system that allows for flex, expansion, and contraction resulting in a smoother look and longer lasting performance that isn’t solely reliant upon caulk to keep the wind, dust, and water out. 

How Does it Work?

Ripple Resistant Exterior Wall Panels
  •  Floating system, screwless panels and extrusions, technologically advanced adhesives for stronger bond to frame, increased oxidation resistance
Self Flashing Roof
  •  Self flashing, no wood, tighter bond to frame
Proprietary Self Flashing Extrusion
  •  Our proprietary trim profile is self flashing which minimizes failures through less sealant, fewer screws, better weather seal