Crossmembers - 12" & 16" On Center Upgrades
Upgrade to Tube Crossmembers
Upgrade to 2"X6" Main Frame On 7X or 3/16" Thickness 2"X6" Main Frame On 8X
Add Beavertail to 7X Or Delete Beavertail On 8X
Raise Trailer To Lower Wheel Wells 2" to 10"

A Frame

6", 12", 18", OR 24" Extended A-Frame
Crossmember Across A-Frame For Future Spare Mount
Add Center Draw Bar On 6 & 7 Wide Trailer (Triple Tube tongue)

Side Wall & Roof

Side Wall And Roof Studs 16" On Center From 24"
Arched Roof bows (2" Bow)
Framing For Future Window, Vent, Or A/C
Heavy Duty 2" Roof Bow Upgrade


Additional height In 6" Increments Up To 30" On 7X's And Under
Additional height In 6" Increments Up To 24" On 8X
Decrease Interior Height In Increments of 6"


Arrow Wedge
Slant Wedge Front
Radius Wedgefront
52" Wedgefront (7X & 8X Only)
60" Wedgefront (Available On 7X & 8X Only) 58" Ramp Door Is Available On This Wedge


Receiver Tube
4" WW In lieu of wide track on 7X


Undercoating Standard
Rhino Lined Tongue And Bumper Option